Wales Hiking

Welcome Adventurer to She’s Outside! It’s lovely to meet you and thank you for stopping by! 

If you’re looking for adventure inspiration and outdoor activity bucket lists you’re in the right place.

She’s Outside began in 2017. I embarked on a quest to improve my skills and seek out adventure wherever I went. Back in those days, I saw constant inspiration for travelling but struggled to link destinations with their potential for outdoor adventure. I wanted to know where to rent a kayak to travel up that river, what route to take to get to the top of that cliff and how to safely wild camp without pissing off the locals.

I always feel better when I’m exploring outdoors. More relaxed, more patient and more connected. Being on snow, up mountains or in the sea never fails to perk me up. However, I’m not the toughest hiker, sharpest snowboarder or strongest paddler. I am a keen learner though and She’s Outside is where I log my efforts to skill up, seek out adventure and share my stories. My journey as an amateur adventurer.

So, whilst She’s Outside is an adventure and outdoor website it’s also a place of education. Mainly my education but I hope it helps you too. You’ll find adventure tips, resort reviews and camping recipes as well as logs of my favourite excursions and tips for where you can find your favourite outdoor activities wherever you go. 

Amateur Tip: Looking for somewhere to start? Look no further than my SO Adventure Club page.

If it inspires the adventurer in you I will have succeeded. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or your own tips to share. Get reading and don’t stop exploring!

Created by an Amateur Adventurer