Adventure Books To Inspire

I used to regularly find myself at a loss for what to read. I would pick up books everybody seemed to love, ‘page-turners’, and struggle to get through them let alone enjoy them. They would take me weeks to finish by which point I would just be glad it was over. It got to the point where I stopped enjoying reading.

When I entered the world of adventure though something shifted. I would browse the travel and expedition section in Waterstones and come across books like Four Mums In A Boat or Mind Of A Survivor. Suddenly, what I was reading I found utterly engaging. Suddenly, I could devour novels. I started to love reading again.

What I came to realise was whilst some are born natural readers, I wasn’t one of them. I needed to find my niche. I needed to spend more time finding the genre, the authors and the books that were right for me.

Here you’ll find an edit of my favourite adventure books, updated each month! Book recommendations welcome!

Lonely Planet Guides

I love reading Lonely Planet guides front to back, page by page. Below are a few I’ve used recently to plan past or have on my list for future trips. I highly recommend you pick one up to help plan your next adventure.

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