The Adventure Dictionary: A Non Definitive Guide To Adventure Jargon

Shes Outside Hiking

Ever come across an adventure term that just had you flummoxed? You and me both friend. Welcome to the Adventure Dictionary where all your adventure jargon needs are lovingly taken care of.

Hiking Terminology


A Scottish mountain over 914m high so named after the man who first chartered them, Sir Hugh Munro. There are 282 in total with Ben Nevis being the tallest (1,345m).

Route vs Trail

A route is that path which you take. It doesn’t necessarily have to be already mapped out. A trail is a path which is already mapped out and likely signposted.

Trig Point

A marker used in the re-triangulation process of Great Britain carried out by the Ordnance Survey beginning in 1936 until 1962. There are 5,500 left standing in the UK.


Essentially an empty place to shelter, often without facilities but with plenty of character.

Skiing & Snowboarding Terminology


You either stand with your left foot forward on your snowboard (regular) or your right foot forward (goofy).


A beautiful day out on the mountains with blue skies, warm sunshine and no wind. Basically, your first lifts last lifts kind of day.

Surfing Terminology


A group of waves coming in to shore that have not been created by local winds but weather systems further afield.

Beach Break

A wave which breaks over a sandy seabed. The quality of the wave is less consistent because sand doesn’t stay put.

Reef Break

A wave which breaks over a rocky seabed. The quality of the wave is more consistent.

Tube Riding

Surfing inside the barrel of a wave. Pretty techy stuff by the sounds of it.