Banana Boat Dessert

Banana Boat Dessert | Camping Recipes

May 9, 2017shesoutside

Due to my amateur BBQ skills, I am constantly on the lookout for easy camping recipes to try on my next weekend trip. During my last bout of research, I came across this banana boat recipe from Fresh Off The Grid which caught my eye.

Now I don’t have a mega sweet tooth so this isn’t my usual cup of tea but these looked easy and simple and so, in the spirit of adventure, I put them on my camping meal plan to try on my next weekend away. Spoiler alert, I’m so glad I did. They’re perfect if you’re suffering from marshmallow fatigue and terribly delicious. Here’s what you need to know.

Banana Boat Camping Recipe

Banana Boat Dessert

What You Need

  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Tinfoil
  • BBQ

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  • 2 x Bananas
  • Chocolate bar – I highly recommend the humble mars bar
  • Digestive biscuits for toppings

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Best made at the end of your BBQ meal when the embers are starting to calm down. The goal is to heat the banana through to melt the chocolate not turn the entire thing into a charred mess.

  1. Chop up your chocolate bar into small chunks. As tiny as you can.
  2. Carefully, use the knife to slit the banana down the middle. You should not peel the banana.
  3. Stuff the banana with the chocolate chunks.
  4. Wrap each banana in tin foil all the way around.
  5. Pop the banana under the grill of the BBQ. You might need to use your BBQ tools to shuffle the embers so there is a whole in the middle. We don’t want the banana sitting directly on the charcoal. Be careful, things might get hot!
  6. How long you leave it depends on how hot your bbq is but I would recommend checking after 10 minutes.
  7. Enjoy!

Amateur Tip: In all seriousness, travelling with bananas can be a nightmare. To avoid excessive banana bruising be careful where you put them whilst travelling or invest in a banana case. 

I would love to try this with other fillings perhaps with golden syrup lavishly poured on top or tiny marshmallows. Have you tried this recipe before? What’s your favourite filling?

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