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5 Easy Ways You Can Help The Environment

August 7, 2017shesoutside

It is so important to look up every now and again from our phones, laptops, music devices and tv sets to acknowledge our existence as a very small fish in a very large pond. Our planet is one of the most beautiful things we will ever get to see but we often lose sight and forget about its glory whilst we go about our daily lives. Climate change is a very real and damaging global concern and humans are the catalyst. How we behave towards the planet and our actions now will not only affect our lives but also future generations to come. So why not take a step in the right direction and make your actions a force of good. No one is perfect but by deciding to take a step in the right direction when it comes to looking after the environment and adopting some changes, whether they be small or large, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an eco warrior!

5 Tips You Can Use To Start Helping The Environment Today

  1. Don’t waste food

Sunday’s are for meal planning and food shopping and I could not be happier with this. Whilst it took some getting used to, I now love flicking through my recipe books to find exciting dishes and my weekly trip to the supermarket is quick and costs a lot less than it used. Being strict with your menu helps the environment by reducing waste which when left in landfill produces methane which plays a key role as a greenhouse gas in heating up the planet. Not good! Any food that I’m not using for dinner will be put towards a meal later in the week. If you find yourself with extra, simply date it and wack it in the freezer.

Top Tip: Don’t forget to then check your freezer when meal planning to see what needs eating up. No one wants to risk a suspicious looking freezer dinner.

2. Don’t put fruit and veg in plastic bags

Often when you go shopping you’re given the option of either buying loads of ‘insert vegetable’ in a bag or choosing a few loose ‘insert vegetable’ and using one of those plastic teardown bags that are always so difficult to find. Why not just put those loose potatoes straight into your basket…all you have to do is wash them before you eat them. Plastic bag not needed.

Top Tip: Plastic straws are one of the most use-once and ditch items in this world. Ask yourself if you need one in your cocktail. If the answer is no, ask for a drink without it, if the answer is yes, check out these guys who are all about the eco-friendly straws.

3. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth and shaving and try your hardest to have a shorter shower.

Save that water.

4. Reusable coffee mug, reusable water cup and packed lunches

I actually don’t buy coffee or tea from the high street (say whattt) but if I did I like to think I would rock up with my sassy reusable coffee mug and ask the lovely folks in said coffee shops to fill ‘er up. No harm done. In fact nowadays coffee shops encourage it. Reusable water flasks can also be just as sassy as can lunch boxes. If you don’t care for sass simply washing out takeaway pots and re-using them for lunches is a step in the right direction. Re-use my friend. Re-use.

5. Avoid half empty clothes washes.

Ask your housemates if they fancied chucking anything in with your half empty clothes wash. You probably won’t get germs and it’s a much better use of energy in the home.

What are your easy tips to help the environment?

(Image Source: Huffington Post, Amazon, Alpine Trek, Chillys Bottles)

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