Gift Guide For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Gift Guide For The Outdoor Enthusiast

Well, Christmas is just around the corner so I’ve compiled an adventure lovers gift guide to set you on the right path, or at the very least give you some inspiration, for finding that perfect gift. Whether it’s gifts for hikers, gifts for snowboarders or gifts for SUPers I’ve tried to include a little something for everyone. To be honest, they aren’t even particularly Christmasy so would be perfect as Birthday gifts or ‘you deserve a gift’ gifts as long as the receiver loves adventures I don’t think you’ll have any problems.

The Adventurers Gift Guide

Solar Powered Phone Charger

What a wonderful present for the outdoorista. Solar powered phone chargers are a cool gadget to have whilst out and about. This model from Anker has three panels and two media outlets so that you can go totally off the grid for longer.


Not just bog standard socks they must be woolly, they must be cosy. I like these from Heat Holder as they come with a tog rating, it’s like putting mini blankets on your feet. In case you were wondering they come in pink too.

Foraging Book

A useful guide to help spot food whilst out and about a foraging book is a walker and campers best friend.

An Adventure Experience

…they haven’t had before. Did you know that there’s a sleddog centre in Cairngorm? You probably did but I didn’t and when I found out I just… WOW! I mean really, that’s got to be the coolest adventure I didn’t know about! Anyway, whether it’s dog sledging, a glamping trip, a ski lesson or a hot air balloon ride experiences make wonderful gifts.

Snowboard Waxing Iron

Nobody and I mean nobody wants to head out on a ski holiday with a sticky board or skis. You can easily wax your kit at home but you will most certainly need a waxing iron.

Brass Compass

If they’re going to get lost they might as well do it in style with a brass compass. You could also pick up a personalised pouch or box for them to keep it in whilst on their travels. No one likes a loose compass in a bottomless hiking bag.

Chilly Bottle

Re-usable bottles are a necessity for any explorer to firstly, carry their water but also do their part to help the environment by reducing single-use plastic to help the environment. The Chilly Bottles are beautifully colourful and come in different sizes as well as a tumbler version.

Overboard Dry Bag

These waterproof dry bags are fantastic and come in all sizes and shapes. I have the 20-litre bag and it can basically fit the entire contents of my house in.

Quick Dry Towel

Ideal for the wild swimmer amongst your friends or just the perfect companion for those cold, quick camping showers a quick dry towel could certainly save the day.

Stargazing Book

Everybody likes stars and everybody wishes they knew what they were looking at when they stare up at the sky! Why not help an adventurer out by setting them in the right direction and giving them a lesson in astronomy.

Surfer Artwork

Whatever outdoor activity they’re into there will be a piece of art somewhere that they will love, you just have to find it. Etsy is a great place to start.

What do you think makes the perfect gift for an adventurer?

(Sleddog Image: Unsplash, Feature photo by Leone Venter on Unsplash)