St. Anton | Ski Resort Overview

St. Anton Mountain View

“St. Anton is a drinking resort with a ski problem…”

– Every bar in St. Anton

The Slopes

St. Anton is part of the Alberg area which is simply massive. There is over 305km of piste for you to enjoy as five of the key Alberg towns: St. Anton, St. Christoph, Stuben, Zurs and Lech are connected on the mountain as well as many other smaller areas. This means there’s plenty for everyone, expert and beginners alike. There’s one main snow park over on Rendl where you’ll find rails and kickers for all levels as well as the best sun trap in town. There are also a couple of fun parks and speed areas dotted around which are just an added bonus. Who doesn’t love a snow assault course? If you’re an off-piste fanatic be sure to stop off at the Freeride Safety Training area in Rendl to practice using your tranceiver before you head out into the wilderness.

Freeride Safety Training

The Town

The town itself is delightfully quaint. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained and many many high-end shops to peruse if you’re feeling spendy. If there’s one activity you do in St. Anton, other than hitting the slopes, it has to be hitting the slopes on a toboggan. The 4km toboggan set up is quite seriously brilliant fun. You can toboggan during the day, when you’ll only need to hire the toboggan, or you can do the run at night, hiring the toboggan and paying the extra lift charge (€20 in total). Night time is most certainly more fun. Don’t forget to stop at the jager hut at the bottom to warm up and enjoy some well-deserved shots with your fellow tobogganers.

Bars worth your £

St. Anton, in case you didn’t know, is all about the aprés. To clarify, aprés starts at 3.30pm and you’ll most likely be there until 7.30pm. That’s 4 hours of drinking and dancing in your ski attire my friend. What’s more, aprés in St. Anton is inevitable. If it isn’t the catchy 90s tunes that get you tapping your boots it’ll be their Austrian remix. What’s more, there’s just no escaping, you’ll find it hard to avoid the party atmosphere as you whizz home decided on putting your feet up. Of the three main bars on the way back to the main St. Anton resort, my favourite is the MooserWirt simply because it’s good vibes and hearty personality cannot be ignored.

Restaurants worth your £

The one restaurant you cannot miss in St. Anton is the Rodel-Alm. This classic Alpine restaurant is located on the slopes under the Nasserein lift in St. Jakob where, if you blink, you’ll miss it. The star of the show has to be the pork knuckle or Knusprige Schweinshaxe. This meal, split between two or three, is just everything you could ever want from a classic Austrian dish, sauerkraut and dumplings included. If you’ve room for more, order the Kaiserschmarren desert to knock yourself into a heavenly food coma.

So What’s The Verdict

St. Anton’s got a little something for everyone; excellent apres, great restaurants and exciting and varied slopes. It’s biggest draw though has to be the ski area, it’s simply so large you cannot get bored… and if you do get bored there’s always tobogganing.

Have you visited St. Anton? What did you think?