Weber Smokey Joe Premium BBQ | Kit Review

Weber Smokey Joe BBQ

I used to know nothing about BBQs. I joyfully let others take turns to be camping chef for the night and I would happily sit by the fire and let them bring me food. A sad tale I know. I had always thought that BBQ food was just putting some meat on the grill and standing around waiting for it to be cooked and for someone who loves cooking, I just wasn’t feeling it. As always, however, I got bored with being a bystander and decided it was time to take things into my own hands. It all began on a camping trip to Fowey when it was decided that investing in a BBQ was the only way we could guarantee at least two cheap meals a day that wasn’t sandwiches. Along came the Weber Smokey Joe BBQ to solve all our woes and encourage us to go from cooking plain and simple food to creating wonderful meals!


  • Petite and easy to carry
  • Three prongs to stand on so no chance of it being blown over
  • Rust resistant
  • Lid sits back and clips in creating a windshield
  • The handle on the top clips to the lid so that when you’re carrying the BBQ it doesn’t fall off
  • Vents on both the side and top
  • Charcoal Bowl included
  • Available in plenty of colours

But is it a good cooking companion?

Yes! The bbq is a great size fitting easily in the boot of the car and light enough that it can be carried without breaking a sweat. The bowl was really useful for charcoal measurement, as it’s important to be thrifty if you’ve only got one bag, and the side and top vents mean you can easily control the temperature when cooking. The way the lid can be secured at the back to create a windshield and clipped to the handle on the top to stop it falling off are both fantastic features! You can also use the bbq as a fire pit once you’ve finished eating, perfect for those cold 1st May bank holiday nights, and when you’re done you can simply close all the vents and shut the lid to put it out. It’s also pretty easy to clean, I’m not saying you won’t get mucky but all the parts can be taken out for a wash so you might as well get stuck in.

Top Tip: I tested out Eco Charcoal on the latest camping trip and was delighted to find it lasted longer and got hotter faster than regular supermarket charcoal. It’s a tad more expensive but it’s a step in the right direction. Use newspaper instead of fire lighter fluid underneath the charcoal to get things going.

What Weber Thinks About The Smokey Joe BBQ

Short and sweet from the Weber website:

Superb cooking power and the ultimate in portability. The perfect companion for days out.

I picked up the Smokey Joe BBQ for £55 after searching online for the right colour.

Weber Smokey Joe BBQ
Weber Smokey Joe BBQ


Brilliant, compact, easy to carry and easy to use, the Weber Smokey Joe BBQ is fantastic for camping trips. All you need now is some good quality bbq grub and you’re on your way.

(I still know very little about BBQs but at least I now own one to learn with.)

What do you cook with when you go camping?