Paradiski YUGE App | Review

Yuge App Image

When I visited Les Arcs, the advertisements for the YUGE app were out of control. The crew all immediately downloaded it, because who can resist such marketing, and the competitive streak amongst us reared its ugly head. Now I could get actual hard evidence, THE FACTS, that could prove I was faster on my board than my skiing buddies. Here are my thoughts on the app:

 1) The Dashboard

The dashboard is pretty simple to use. You register and you are welcomed by an easy to navigate menu. You can check your activity, the weather, what’s going on in the resort and piste map. You pretty much got everything. You can link it up to your ski pass so that when you arrive at a ‘photo spot’ you scan your pass, say cheese and the photo is synced to the app. Pretty neat. You can also check lift queues in real time which we also didn’t do because no one can afford roaming, am I right?

2) My Activity

The app tracks your speed, duration, distance, the difference in height and trails explored and to be honest, it’s pretty awesome. It uses GPS tracking for this so you must make sure you allow the app to track your location even when it’s not open. It didn’t work 100% all of the time, were talking 92% success rate here. I missed out on getting the esteemed Baby Eagle badge because it wasn’t tracking. I supposed if you linked your lift pass you would avoid such trouble. However, it was great to be able to check speed and routes at the end of the day. The app generates a piste map which marks out all the tracks you’ve covered. Pretty neat.

 3) The Ranking

That’s right! You read correctly. You will be ranked! How exciting. Although actually don’t get that excited because you will never be first unless you are super fly.

 4) What YUGE thinks about YUGE…

YUGE describe the app as follows:

‘Paradiski’s YUGE  app offers a unique and personalised experience in the Les Arcs / Paradiski area. Yuge  will be your tourist guide, your own personal assistant within your grasp.’

 A couple of other features they promote which we didn’t try:

  • Create a tailored itinerary that is matched to your ski ability
  • Follow your friends – I lie I did try to do this but failed.
  • Locate places of interest, aka aprés ski bars, nearby

Well there you have it. You can view more information about the app here and it is totally FREE so well worth a download. Leave me a comment if you’ve used the app and any thoughts or tricks I missed.